Define the future of enterprise AI: partner with Maxitech
535 Mission St. 14th floor San Francisco CA 94105
Let’s talk
How we make decisions
What stages do you consider for investment?
We invest in early-stage startups (Preseed, Seed, and Series A) by contributing checks ranging from $50K-$250K.
What sectors does Maxitech invest in?
We invest exclusively in B2B SaaS startups that leverage AI to provide enterprises in any sector with leading-edge software solutions.
What regions does Maxitech invest in?
Maxitech is based in San Francisco, meaning we have our finger on the pulse of Silicon Valley’s investment and technology trends. As such, we invest exclusively in U.S.-based C-corporations for whom the U.S. is a primary market.
Can Maxitech lead the round?
We typically don’t lead priced rounds but we are open to discussing this possibility.
What is your investment process and how long does it take?
We prioritize speed and simplicity for founders.

First, we schedule an intro call to ensure your product and vision aligns with our investment thesis. Next, we conduct due diligence to familiarize ourselves with your technology, target market, competitors, and financials. This generally takes 1-3 weeks. If your startup is a good fit for our portfolio, we will then reach out with an offer.
What value does Maxitech add?
At Maxitech, we go beyond investment to provide early-stage startups with qualified enterprise leads.

We leverage our vast network of industry-leading enterprises to connect startups with the most promising proof-of-concept opportunities. Furthermore, our startups receive top-tier market intelligence and access to the world’s largest AI-powered business development engine, entrapeer.

Finally, our agility and deep financial roots enable us to support and scale the most innovative enterprise AI solutions effectively.