Maxitech: where AI meets ambition

At Maxitech, we aren’t just investors. We are innovators.

Our mission is to be the bridge uniting visionary startups and industry-leading enterprises to the mutual benefit of all. We envision a world where our unique blend of capital, connections, and collaboration empowers the brightest minds to solve the most challenging problems, driving progress that extends beyond the boardroom to benefit society at large.

Where AI meets ambition

Our Partners


Fueling AI pioneers with the power of global finance

Leveraging the financial prowess and technical expertise of our partners – Isbank and Softtech – Maxitech offers AI startups an unmatched blend of smart capital and strategic partnerships. Our commitment is not merely to fund but to fuel growth, foster advancements, and forge the future of enterprise operations together.

With Maxitech, startups are propelled into the heart of global business ecosystems, where their solutions meet critical needs and drive substantial innovation. 

Where AI meets ambition
Why work with Maxitech?
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Years of corporate innovation experience
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Our guiding principles
Innovation is the core of our investment philosophy. By focusing exclusively on AI startups that promise to redefine enterprise operations, we aim to shape the future of work.
Maxitech builds trust by maintaining transparent, consistent communication with startups and investors, proven by our track record of fulfilling promises and fostering mutual growth.
We invest in only the most promising startups and hold ourselves to equally high standards, providing our portfolio with unrivaled resources to achieve market leadership.
The sands of AI innovation and venture capital are constantly shifting. Maxitech remains agile by adapting our strategies to meet market demand, ensuring resilience and continued success.
Maxitech aims to foster an innovation ecosystem grounded in authenticity and ambition. We bring together the brightest minds to transform leading-edge technologies into life-enhancing solutions.
Armed with real-time market intelligence, our data-driven approach informs every investment decision. We do not follow trends: we forge them by making evidence-backed investments into the tech that shapes how we live and work.