the gap between
AI startups &
global enterprises

Maxitech is more than a VC because we offer more than mere capital. We offer startups a gateway to rapid lead generation and strategic growth channels around the globe

The pace of technological advancement is faster than ever.

Enterprises can’t keep up.

Startups have the agility to stay ahead of the technology curve. However limited funding, fierce competition, and scaling challenges make it difficult for even the most groundbreaking solutions to reach the market.

Maxitech bridges the gap between pioneering AI startups and global corporations seeking to rapidly adopt and implement the most effective software solutions. We do this by cultivating long-term, win-win relationships that accelerate startups’ growth and advance innovation within the enterprise technology ecosystem.


What sets Maxitech apart

We leverage over a decade of corporate innovation experience to help B2B startups transform novel AI use cases into scalable enterprise solutions. We do this by offering startups a gateway to market validation and growth through our exclusive network of industry-leading enterprises.

Qualified enterprise leads

Unlike many VCs, Maxitech supports startups in finding their first proof-of-concept clients by providing unrestricted access to our vast network of enterprise customers and design partners. This provides startups with a significant platform for growth and market validation, enabling you to tailor your solutions to real-world business challenges.

Top-tier market intelligence

All our portfolio companies receive free access to entrapeer, the world’s largest use case database and the first AI-powered business development engine. This includes free real-time market intelligence, trend reports, competitor analysis, and more.

Smart money for the smartest startups

Our capital derives from institutional investors with over a century of success in financial markets. As such, Maxitech is uniquely positioned to incubate truly disruptive startups, ensuring our investments mature into impactful, scaleable solutions.

Unparalleled agility

Our venture capital team is small but mighty. We respond nimbly to market shifts and industry trends so we can identify the most promising emergent technologies well before widespread adoption.

Trusted by the world's most successful enterprises & most innovative startups

“Maxitech’s innovative approach made them an invaluable partner. Our collaboration enabled us to bring cutting-edge technologies from Silicon Valley to Turkey, enhancing our daily operations. Together, we are achieving more faster than we believed possible”
Isbank Innovation Division
“Maxitech significantly reduced our sales cycle length. They consistently deliver high-quality leads by creating a carefully curated network of vetted startups and enterprises (where substance wins out over hype).”
Jim Gao, Founder & CEO at Phaidra
“Maxitech is the digital guide of many enterprises from different sectors and looking for the intersection of innovation and local expectations. ”

Our capabilities

In addition to our investment activities, Maxitech has a proven track record of facilitating enterprise-startup partnerships in Silicon Valley and around the world. We have deep knowledge of enterprise dependencies and the obstacles startups face when introducing blue ocean technologies to market.

We invest

Long before ChatGPT, Maxitech recognized the transformative power of AI to enhance efficiency, innovate processes, and drive enterprise growth. We apply our extensive innovation expertise to master this niche and redefine global business.

We incubate

Maxitech's strong client relationships help us stay aligned with enterprises’ evolving technological needs. We explore and nurture underserved markets, developing and refining MVPs to ensure optimal market fit.

We build

At Maxitech, we convert bold ideas into practical enterprise solutions. Our detailed approach ensures products meet global business needs. Committed to excellence and innovation, we focus on significant opportunities and assemble top teams to transform enterprise operations.

Your AI-powered innovation matchmaker

Entrapeer is Maxitech’s flagship product and the world’s largest use case database. Through real-time market intelligence and AI-powered business development tools, entrapeer connects B2B startups with qualified investors and enterprises seeking to rapidly implement the best emerging technological solutions for the challenges they face.

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