Leading the AI revolution through startup-enterprise partnerships

Maxitech invests in early-stage startups providing AI-powered enterprise software solutions.

Beyond capital, we help startups overcome scaling challenges to achieve rapid growth and market validation. We do this through funding, but also by helping founders:

  • Connect to our extensive enterprise network.
  • Surpass enterprise collaboration requirements.
  • Seamlessly navigate complex procurement processes.

Why AI-powered enterprise solutions?

Maxitech is spearheading venture capital innovation with a strategic fund dedicated to investing in AI startups who are providing the most cutting-edge enterprise software solutions.

Our partnership with entrapeer – a trailblazer in this sector – coupled with our institutional backing allows us to leverage deep insights and technical expertise to identify and invest in startups who are poised to revolutionize this space.

How we help

Qualified leads

We leverage our long-standing client relationships and reputation for excellence to help you find the most qualified enterprise leads based on your growth goals and POC requirements.

Competitor analysis

We empower startups with entrapeer's competitor analysis, providing real-time insights to help you navigate the market and strategically position yourself for success.

Market validation

We facilitate pilot and feedback opportunities with industry-leading design partners, ensuring solutions meet real-world enterprise needs.

Strategic growth channels

We propel startups' growth by providing access to strategic growth channels and established distribution networks, enabling efficient market penetration and scaling.

Driving portfolio synergies for the world’s smartest startups

With the financial backing of Isbank - Turkey's largest and most enduring financial institution - as well as Sofftech - one of Europe’s leading IT consultancies - Maxitech offers AI-driven startups an unmatched blend of smart capital and strategic partnerships.

This institutional backing allows us to nurture truly innovative technologies with patience, because we are not pressured to deliver immediate returns. As such, Maxitech is uniquely position to incubate and elevate revolutionary startups, ensuring our investments mature into impactful, scaleable innovations.

For success

Find your true competitors & position your startup for success

Harness entrapeer's real-time market intelligence to identify your true competitors and track their strategies (including pivots) in real-time. Entrapeer’s AI-powered platform provides deep insights into market trends and competitor behavior, empowering AI startups to grow strategically, stay ahead of industry shifts, and make informed decisions for long-term success.

Entrapeer membership is free for all of Maxitech's portfolio companies.


Trusted by the world's most successful enterprises & most innovative startups

“Maxitech’s innovative approach made them an invaluable partner. Our collaboration enabled us to bring cutting-edge technologies from Silicon Valley to Turkey, enhancing our daily operations. Together, we are achieving more faster than we believed possible”
Isbank Innovation Division
“Maxitech significantly reduced our sales cycle length. They consistently deliver high-quality leads by creating a carefully curated network of vetted startups and enterprises (where substance wins out over hype).”
Jim Gao, Founder & CEO at Phaidra
“Maxitech is the digital guide of many enterprises from different sectors and looking for the intersection of innovation and local expectations. ”

Discover pilot opportunities through our design partners

We understand that the journey from concept to execution is fraught with challenges. That's why we don't just invest; we partner.

Startups can leverage Maxitech's design partners to access pilot and early feedback opportunities, crucial for validating product-market fit. By collaborating with these industry leaders, startups can refine their solutions based on real-world insights. This collaborative approach accelerates the validation process, enabling startups to quickly adapt and enhance their offerings, ultimately leading to more successful and impactful enterprise solutions.

Discover pilot opportunities through our design partners

Access to low-investment growth channels

By partnering with Maxitech, startups gain access to cost-effective growth channels, enabling them to penetrate new markets with reduced financial strain.

We leverage established distribution networks to facilitate rapid expansion and market penetration for our portfolio companies. This partnership offers a pathway for startups to scale efficiently and capture market share in the competitive enterprise landscape, while conservatively managing their financial resources.

Access to low-investment growth channels