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Entrapeer is the innovation enablement platform designed to supercharge startups with real-time market analytics and an ecosystem of rigourously trained AI agents.

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The entrapeer & Maxitech advantage

Entrapeer is the world's largest use case database and the first AI-powered innovation platform designed specifically to empower B2B startups. As one of Maxitech’s portfolio companies, you gain free access to enterprise-grade insights, up-to-the-minute market intelligence, and real-time competitor tracking.

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Market Hub

Entrapeer’s real-time market intelligence platform provides you with deep insights into ever-changing trends in your sector so you can stay agile and identify new opportunities before your competitors.

News Hub

By curating and analyzing news from trusted sources, entrapeer provides valuable insights to help you finetune your business development and craft timely, specific go-to-market strategies.

Competitor Hub

In-depth company profiles serve as instrumental tools to help you understand the competitive landscape, track investment trends, and identify collaboration opportunities.

Investor Hub

Our investor hub compiles data on the investment theses, industry focus, financial history, and portfolio companies for thousands of investors. Then we match you with the best investors based on your startup’s use cases and business goals.

Online Presence Hub

Entrapeer continuously monitors your online presence so you can assess and respond to media mentions, industry news, and investment opportunities. Ensure that prospective customers and investors see your brand as you want to be seen.

Use Case Discovery Hub

Identify new market opportunities by exploring your direct and indirect competitors’ use cases. Even explore popular use cases in your sector to grasp emerging trends, market demands, and potential business opportunities tailored to your company's goals.

How it works


Unlock new business opportunities

When you sign up, entrapeer scans millions of current and historic data points to find your true competitors, assess innovation trends in your sector, and discover all possible use cases for your product – not just those listed on your website.

After you set your preferences, entrapeer’s custom-built AI engine – entramind – will synthesize this complex innovation data into actionable insights tailored to your startup’s goals.


Track competitors and their pivots

Track your competitors, as well as their use cases, milestones, POCs, and pivots in real time. Continuously updated infographics make it easy to compare your products, positioning, and financials at a glance. Best of all, entrapeer will alert you when a competitor you’re tracking makes a hard pivot that signifies the adoption of a new business strategy.


Connect with qualified enterprise leads

Your startup profile is your opportunity to showcase what makes your company so exceptional. While our AI agents will automatically add use cases to your profile (and suggest new ones), you have the power to add your POC requirements, testimonials, and case studies so enterprises searching the platform for their next startup partner will have all the proof they need to secure buy-in from internal decision makers.

Meanwhile, the entrapeer team leverages their deep knowledge of corporate innovation best practices and enterprise dependencies to match you with the most qualified enterprise clients – so everyone wins.

Ready to get started?

Once you’re officially onboarded to Maxitech’s portfolio, our team will set you up with an entrapeer account and provide your login credentials.

Till then, we invite you to explore entrapeer’s cutting-edge AI agent ecosystem, instant market research reports, and more on their website.